Our Process

From Nature to Nurture: Unveiling Our Sustainable Tableware Manufacturing Process

Discover the Journey of Creation: Explore Our Process of Transforming Renewable Resources into Beautiful, Biodegradable Tableware.

Vagon Ecopack

Our Process

Sugarcane Bagasse is a fibrous by-product of sugar industry which is left after the juice has been extracted from the sugarcane. The intrinsic properties of bagasse make it a great raw material for making tableware products such as bowls, plates, takeaway containers etc. and is a perfect replacement for plastics & paper in retail packaging.

Our Features

Why Bagasse?

Upcycling Potential

Approximately 100 million tons of bagasse is produced every year, most of which simply discarded as waste.

Energy Efficiency

Because it is softer and more pliable than wood pulp, the energy requirement in production is significantly reduced.

Renewable Resource

Sugarcane is a perennial grass which regenerates on the same piece of land without the fear of exhaustion of natural resources.

100% Bio-Degradable

When our products degrade, they return the natural ingredients back to the environment without leaving behind any toxic residues.

Certified Food Safe

Bagasse products are made using 100% natural cellulose fibers from sugarcane, water and heat. They can even be used as cattle fodder after use.

Single Use Plastic Alternative

Our products are perfect alternatives to petroleum based Styrofoam and Plastic products which take hundreds of years to degrade.

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